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In The ClearZone's HydroClear Technology is proven to deactivate dangerous VOCs, bacteria, mould, viruses, odours, allergens and more. This technology uses the Hunter and Gatherer method to ensure complete disinfection. In The ClearZone provides the best air purifiers on the market.  

How is ClearZone Different from other Air Purifiers?

Most air purifiers use fans to move air in a given space then passively catch and gather particles as they pass through the machine with filters. These are commonly HEPA filters.  In some instances air purifiers will include uv-light to destroy the particles. 

ClearZone's products are considered advanced air purifiers because they take air filtration to the next level by releasing hydroxyls into the space.  These hydroxlys go out and hunt down pathogens.  They then inactivate them to make spaces safe and healthy in real time. 

How does HydroClear Work?

HydroClear Technology is uses sustainable, washable, high efficacy filters, to passively gather harmful particles out of the air.  HydroClear then releases hydroxyls to actively hunt down down pathogens where they are.  

Hydroxyls are made in nature and considered natures detergent. The sun reacts with the atmosphere to create hydroxyls to naturally clean the air around us.  Hydroxyl technology is currently used on the NASA space station. 

ClearZone products bring fresh air into any room. Standard air purifiers cannot compete against ClearZones advance purification systems that hunt and gather unwanted germs, pollen, viruses, particles and more.

HydroClear brings Fresh Air Indoors.  

Clean, outdoorair is saturated with between 2-10 million hydroxyls/ cm3. ClearZone's HydroClear products release 2 million hydoxyls/cm3 to naturally clean your indoor air.  

Advanced Air Purifiers for as low as $269

The Breeze.

For use in spaces up to 160 sq ft. 

The Refresh.

For us in large spaces 850 sq ft. 


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