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Keeping the whole family safe, pet’s included.

The Neighbouring Vet Clinic uses In The ClearZone Disinfecting Products to safely welcome back pets midst ongoing apprehension over COVID-19.  

A History of Small Business Excellence

Marlene Mau opened The Neighbouring Vet Clinic (TNVC) 30-years ago as a single mom with a passion to help pets.  Since then, her business has grown to include three locations across London, Ontario with 32 staff members offering various services of primary health care for their neighbourhood pets.  Marlene prides herself on her reputation in the community.  Over the years, she has won several awards from the Better Business Bureau and actively sponsors local sports teams, non-profits and more. Her daughter has recently graduated from Western Univerity as a veterinarian and was now working for TNVC.  The two of them enjoyed working together and had aspirations to continue growing the business beyond London, Ontario.  

The Problem with Air Purifiers 

As health advocates for animals, the biggest concern for the clinic is the safety of their customers - humans and animals.  At the start of the Global Pandemic, Marlene decided to close two of her locations and keep one open for emergencies. Since pet Clinics were considered an essential service, Marlenes one location was able to remain open when most other businesses were closed.  Thankfully, business was busy and in January 2021, Marlene was able to reopen her two other locations, rehiring all of her staff.  A year into the pandemic, Marlene’s staff were getting tired of wearing gloves, masks, gowns and face shields every day to work.  She knew all the additional PPE was expensive and uncomfortable. Marlene wanted to increase their sanitizing protocol so that her staff could choose which PPE they felt comfortable wearing on a daily basis (outside of face masks). 

Marlene began looking for sanitizing solutions that would continuously deactivate the air. This led her to look at air purifying machines. She found many options on Amazon and purchased one to test.  She ran the air purifier in one of her clinics for a week but wasn’t sure if the machine was making a difference. After further research, she learned that air purifiers:

  1. Only sanitize the air leaving surfaces unclean, 
  2. & only provide passive sanitization which takes a long time to completely sanitize a space.  

It was evident that this solution would not do the job.  Her goal for her vet clinic was to find new technology that cleans and sanitizes the air and surfaces. Rather than purifiers that simply filter the air, she wanted technology that is proven to kill allergens, bacteria, viruses, and especially COVID-19. With this in mind, Marlene began searching for more advanced technology that would make her employees and clients feel comfortable and safe. 

Solutions that Surpass all Criteria 

 One day, Marlene was chatting with her neighbour about this problem and they told her about In The ClearZone which offers passive and active sanitizing solutions.  Marlene was sceptical but after reading the articles and blogs provided on the website, she wanted to learn more so she completed the form online and the next day received a call from Jenessa, the business owner.  

As a business owner, Marlene was happy to hear about the benefit of In The ClearZone’s products directly from Jenessa.  Jenessa explained to Marlene why active sanitization is a key element to any cleaning protocol, especially in spaces where there is significant foot traffic. Jenessa told Marlene how In The ClearZone’s HydroClear Technology sends hydroxyls out into the space while also using UV light and Hepa filters to passively sanitize.  This provides three layers of safety for staff, customers and pets.  She emphasized that HydroClear Technology is proven to decrease bacteria, viruses, allergens, and more unwanted particles in the room including odours. Marlene understood the value of HydroClear Technology, but when she heard about odour active odour removal, she was sold.  Marlene always thought that she would have to spray harmful chemicals into her space in order to decrease the scent of animals, but with HydroClear Technology her sanitizing protocol doubled as an odour removal protocol.  Marlene was impressed with the new innovative technology that would ensure clients and their pets are kept safe all whilst reducing the costs for the clinic and leaving no room for human error during the disinfecting process. 

A Raving Report

Marlene decided to outfit her busiest clinic with In The ClearZone’s products purchasing two Atmosphere’s for the waiting room and the stock room, three Breeze’s for each clinic room and one AirBender for emergency use only. During their weekly staff meeting, Marlene told her team about the new products and provided them with materials to help them understand the products. All week, Marlene received raving reviews from her staff on how they felt safer and cared for by their boss.  She noticed an increase in staff morale. Two weeks later, Marlene gave Jenessa a call and ordered four more Atmosphere’s and six more Breeze’s for her other locations. Once she received the new shipment, she went and talked with her staff at the other locations about the new products and they were equally appreciative of the solutions Marlene was putting in place.  

Neighbours Looking out for Neighbours  

Since adding these new machines to their clinics, Marlene’s staff have felt comfortable using less PPE without compromising the safety of their customers.  This has allowed them to increase the number of patients they can help on a daily basis while also creating a better and more comfortable working environment for the staff. With the most up to date technology to disinfect their spaces, Marlene can ensure that her customer and staff safety is looked after so her staff can do what they do best - take care of the neighbourhoods pets.