healthy building 


turn your building into a 

health-promoting environment

improve sustainability, lower operating costs, 

reduce disease & illness

ecologicca's ecosystem brings your building to life

a scientific approach 

to smart building management

step 1: monitor

your building's baseline!

test for the top airborne contaminants & toxins that affect health & productivity while discovering your energy efficiency gaps 

step 2: improve

change is in the air!

implement portable air quality improvement products in necessary spaces for an immediate building health comparison

step 3: analyze

efficiency, efficiency!

consistently monitor your building's air quality & have all of your regulatory & health compliance in one place

what to expect

a snapshot of the health insights from your future dashboard

breathe easy

your peace of mind is our priority, 
so we have adopted leading sustainable technology 
to create an environment that is good 
for your health & good for the planet. 

small spaces are a breeze

a total refresher

Improve energy & building efficiency 

Create a healthy environment

Meet & exceed regulatory compliance

Predict enviro & human health

Real people, real results

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