Certification – ecologicca

Now Ecologicca! (formerly In The ClearZone)

this is a 

healthy space

from top health & environmental regulators, 
this room has been certified as Healthy 
for indoor air quality. 

breathe easy

your peace of mind is our priority, so we have adopted leading sustainable technology to create an environment that is good for your health & good for the planet. 

healthy air by Mother Nature

our certified Healthy Spaces use hydroxyl technology, the science behind fresh outdoor air, to attack airborne toxins that make us sick.

hydroxyl technology has been proven to reduce allergens, viruses, bacteria, mold & more that make us sick.

the tech in this space was proven 

to reduce COVID transmission by 38% 

& the airborne spread by 73%

it also sustainably reduces the need for outdoor air, 
saving energy and reducing carbon consumption!



TVOCs reduced 

in 2 mins

Air Quality improved 

 in 2 mins

this means deeper sleep, fewer allergies, less illness, better focus, 
improved enjoyment, a stronger heart, better breathing & better living. 

The Breeze 

Your Personal Clean Air Companion 

The Refresh 

For More Comprehensive Care 

what is a certified Healthy Space?

our Healthy Space for Indoor Air Quality Certification is awarded to buildings who prioritize human health & environmental health. 

metrics from top regulators  simplified & combined

the Healthy Space for Indoor Air Quality Green Seal Certification is awarded to buildings that follow health guidelines set by the following institutions

we measure so you don't have to 

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • carbon dioxide
  • TVOCs
  • PM2.5
  • Ozone
  • carbon monoxide
  • ethanol
  • radon
  • nitrogen dioxide
  • sulfur dioxide
  • methane
  • air exchange rates
  • filtrations
  • energy consumption
  • occupancy rates





  • sleep 
  • respiratory health
  • mental health
  • general inflammation
  • heart health
  • cognition & productivity
  • brain health
  • childhood development
  • chronic illness
  • allergies
  • communicable illness
  • athletic performance
  • much much more