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The air we breathe is 

making us sick. 

Doctors recommend avoiding & reducing things that create inflammation. But why do these efforts stop with what we eat & drink? Are there other factors that are causing or worsening sickness?

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Air Quality & Cognition



Air quality and cognition

Healthy Buildings, Healthy People 

A webinar led by Jenessa reviewing Harvard studies on the importance and benefits of air quality in the workforce. 

Health markers 101

It all starts from within.

Our environment is making us sick. 

Air gives us life and luckily, we're surrounded by it. Bad new is, being surrounded by polluted air can make us sick even if it's the thing that keeps us alive. Ironic right?

But we can change our environment for the better.

We can take control of our health by changing the air in our environments. The earlier, the better. And while eating better and exercising are important, breathing clean air can maximize the benefits of our other efforts. 

Clean air is the last ingredient to our health routines. 

Research has shown consistently the negative impact of air pollution on our health. When will we take all these warnings seriously? 

Chronic Damage

Polluted air has surpassed smoking as a leading cause of death. 

We might be thinking all chronic illnesses and inflammation is from other factors in our environment. But in reality, it might just be the air we're breathing. 


Exposure PM2.5 above 20 µg/m3 was associated with a 13% higher risk of autoimmune disease.

Exposure to PM10 above 30 µg/m3 was associated with a 13% higher risk of autoimmune disease and for every 10 µg/m3 increase in PM10 concentration was associated with an incremental 7% risk of having autoimmune disease.


4.9mil global death attributed to poor air quality. 48% of cardiovascular related deaths were attributed to air pollution.

There is increasing link between particle induced oxidative stress triggering events from inflammation, tissue injury and eventually to cell death. 


+80% mortality risk for breast cancer, +42% upper digestive track, +35% digestive organs and +36% for lung cancer. 

A study conducted in Hong Kong found for every 10 µg/m3 increase of PM2.5 in homes, risk of dying from any cancer rose by 22 percent. 

TLDR: why does it matter?

What it all comes down to.

Overwhelming evidence supports just how beneficial clean air is for us and the irreparable damage breathing polluted air has on our bodies. 



Poor air quality speeds up aging of the lungs and increases chronic lung disease risk. 

A study conducted with half a million participants found ambient concentrations of air pollutants resulted in lower lung function. Lung function is a good indicator respiratory health and lowering of COPD. 

Polluted air may account for 19% of all cardiovascular deaths and 21% of all stroke deaths. 

Breathing polluted air brings pollutants into our blood stream to be carried throughout the entire body. Our immune system flags these pollutants and prompts an attack. When our body is constantly fighting pollutants, this results in chronic inflammation and makes us susceptible to autoimmune disorders and many more. 

A rise in an exposure of 3 units of NO2 increased the risk of common mental disorders by 39%.

Studies suggest there might be a link between exposure to polluted air and mental wellness. Data has shown more urban areas have higher rates of mental health disorders. The air pollution link is still present even when socioeconomic and community features are removed. 

Ecologicca products help protect your health against air pollution in your homes, office or any wherever you need protection. 

Better air, better life = better you.

The future you will thank you.

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