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I suffer from seasonal allergies and this air purifier has been a lifesaver. It's reduced my symptoms significantly and has made my home much more comfortable.


My wife & I moved into a century home, but shortly after our move, I developed serious allergies — symptoms I only experienced in the house. After running the Refresh non-stop for two days, my symptoms disappeared & never returned. We have since been loving our new home & I purchased the Breeze for my office.


I suffer from seasonal allergies and the Breeze purifier has been a lifesaver. I work from home so having allergy symptoms is very distracting for me. But with the Breeze, I've reduced my symptoms significantly I no longer feel unfocused all the time!


This is the best air purifier I've ever used. It's quiet, effective, and has made a noticeable difference in my health. I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose and I think it's also made my skin look brighter!


I gave a ClearZone product to my daughter to take to university. All of her roommates where sick but she didn't get sick at all.


I live in a big city with a lot of pollution and this air purifier has helped to reduce the amount of pollutants in my home. I feel much better knowing that I'm breathing cleaner air.


My partner is allergic to my pets making it difficult for him to stay over at my place. Having the Breeze on all night helps relieve his allergy symptoms making his stay possible and comfortable. 


I have two cats and the Breeze has helped tremendously with reducing pet dander and odour. My home feels much cleaner now and smells so much more fresh – even my friends have noticed! 


Since using my air purifier, I have been able to sleep better at night, I'm no longer waking up in the middle of the night and I feel less tired when I wake up in the morning even though I'm sleeping the same amount of time. Life changing!!


I absolutely love my Breeze - not only has it significantly reduced dust and helped my allergies, but it's also help get rid of cooking smells after cooking even in my tiny apartment! 


WOW!! The Breeze has been a been a game changer for my husband and I. We both suffer from allergies (seasonal and pet dander), but running the Breeze at night helps us breathe easier and finally get a good nights sleep! 


I have a newborn baby and the Refresh has helped to create a healthier environment for her because I know I'm reducing toxins and allergens in the air.  It's a must-have for any new parent.


I'm impressed with how powerful and efficient the Refresh is. It's helped to reduce the amount of dust, odour and pet hair in my home. I've noticed such a big difference in the air quality and this has helped me sleep better, get sick less and feel more comfortable in my own home. 


I have multiple chemical sensitivities and was looking for an air purifier that could eliminate toxins and VOCs. The Breeze has exceeded my expectations and I feel much more comfortable in my home knowing my exposure to toxins is reduced. 


I live in a condo and my place doesn't allow for me to open windows. The Breeze allows me to get new air into my place without opening my balcony door. Super helpful!


After one use, the air felt lighter and fresher.


I bought a Breeze to keep my family safe at home & for my home office to help with allergies. The Breeze is so great — it’s small, inconspicuous, quiet, and incredibly low maintenance. I couldn’t be happier with it, having one in my office & at home.


During the pandemic, my grand daughter got sick. The ClearZone team delivered products to our home overnight to help protect the whole family & help my grand daughter recover.


I love that the Refresh has a night mode. It's quiet and doesn't disturb my sleep, but still keeps the air in my room new and clean.