Our Story – ecologicca

We're breaking the mold and turning air into nutrition

Breathing is the 

universal common denominator.

We've always been passionate about people and the environment.

All along, we never lost our vision for people and the planet! Once again, we saw a brighter future but also the health disparity around the world. 

Clean air is for everyone so we are on a mission to create "nutritious" air by taking away the things that make us & the planet sick, 

& adding things that make us healthy, the way Mother Nature intended. 

Indoor air today, outdoor pollution tomorrow. 

Our 3 Pillars of Health: 

Personal Health 

The Pandemic unveiled the truth that sickness travels primarily through the air & we are using chemicals to solve these problems. We wanted to make the air safer without sacrificing long-term health by breathing in tons of chemicals to avoid sickness. 

Environmental Health

Surface cleaners are effective but harsh. They get into our air, water,  food & soil, harming the environment. They are also transported in one-time-use bottles creating tons of plastic waste.  Personal health should not be the death of the environment! 

Economic Health

If people can't work & businesses can't run - our economy is sick! Unfortunately, the cost of keeping businesses clean & people healthy can be extremely expensive. Clean, healthy air should be for everyone & and a sustainable, affordable solution shouldn't feel like a fantasy. 

In the spirit of entrepreneurship and with their background in using technology to create sustainable solutions to big problems, Jenessa & Madison launched ecologicca. 

They immediately reached out to the top scientists at their Alma Mater and discovered that hydroxyl technology could help solve problems in a sustainable way and actually promote health in the future!

10 days after losing their previous company, ecologicca was born with the mission of helping people control their health and environments by turning air into nutrition.

We believe if we can change our health from within, we can change the world from the inside out.

The team behind the mission.

ecologicca was founded by passionate entrepreneurs and is supported by top researchers across Canada.

Clearing the Air 

Close to Home.

Jenessa Olson & Madison De Sousa - 

Sisters, Founders

Jenessa Olson & Madison De Sousa, launched their first business to take environmental & social responsibility into their own hands after learning about the horrors of the fast fashion industry. With core values & personal convictions around caring for people & the environment, they created an award-wining digital platform to help retailers decrease clothing waste while making fashion more accessible & sustainable.  

After landing a BIG name client, the COVID-19 Pandemic, crushing their business & leaving them wondering, "what do we do now?!"

Immediately, they saw people & businesses struggling - just like them. They also couldn't help but see ALL THE CHEMICALS that were being used & knew there had to be a better way for people, the planet & the economy as a whole, today & in the future. 

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