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how we currently breathe

90% of breaths are taken indoors,

& indoor air is 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air. 

Indoor air is full of tiny particles create inflammation in the body, leading to or worsening illness & suppressing health. 

These particles fall into three categories

1) solid particles (like dust); 

2) chemical toxins (VOCs & pollutants);

3) gases (like CO2). 

Ventilation & purifiers help with 1). Some purifiers help with 2).

We helps with 1), 2) & 3), to help you take control of your environment and turn your spaces into health-promoting places!

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No matter where we are or what we are doing, we have to breathe to survive!

The air we breathe has the power to encourage health or make us sick, which is why what we are breathing is so important!

Top researchers & medical professionals have found a direct link between indoor air quality and:

- depression

- cancer

- autoimmune disease 

- gut health 

- aging 

- sleep 

- concentration 

- athletic performance

& so much more! By taking control of what is in your air, you can shift your health.

Hydroclear technology ™

We create new fresh air, indoors for healthier living 

(& our filters are better!)

Ecologicca's HydroClear Technology filters out the tiniest particles, but also creates new, fresh air indoors - because sharing old, recycled air is like sharing a toothbrush with everyone in the room. 

Our filtration systems meet the highest standards, but our secret is tiny Hydroxyl particles that fill the room,  seek out airborne contaminants where they are, to make your space work for you!

This is the same technology that NASA uses on the ISS
& Ecologicca is bringing it to you!


It's us against the rest.

We've combined the best features of other air purifiers (then added some extra!) into one product. 


Technology ™


Air Purifier 

UV-C Light 
Air Purifier 



Reduce pathogens in the air 

(Outside the device)


Reduce pathogens in the air 

(Inside the device)


VOCs & 

odour removal 

Removes pollen, dust, pet dander 

& allergens

Removes mold and fungi spores 

Safe for 

occupied spaces

Passive Sanitization 

(filtering of air) 

Automated & 

sensor driven controls

5 stage filtration

We take healthy air seriously. 

Pollutants come in all shapes and sizes and we don't want to miss any of them. Our 5 stage filtration offers the most comprehensive level of cleaning.

The future you will thank you.

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