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On average, people spend more than 90% of their lives indoors &

indoor air is 2-5x more polluted than outdoor air, meaning how & what we breathe inside 

has a greater impact on our health than what we breathe outside. 

ecologicca is on a mission to create health-promoting indoor spaces, starting with the air we breathe.

To do that,  our hardware products create hydroxyl particles, which have been trusted by NASA for >40 years on the International Space Station.  Hydroxyls are "nature's detergent", & are responsible for the health benefits of outdoor air. Hydroxyls are proven to attack everything from mold, viruses and allergens to methane & anthrax while rewriting the molecular composition of the air.

But creating hydroxyls isn't easy, which is why your filters 

need to be changed!

Below are all of the instructions that you need to change your Breeze and Refresh Filters! 
  • Breeze
  • Refresh

Hydroxyls are created when UV light, oxygen, hydrogen and a catalyst come together. The silver filter you received is that catalyst and has to be replaced periodically.

All other filters are washable and reusable, to ensure our environmental footprint is managed well. 

The Breeze has 3 filters that are accessed through the bottom of the product. Here are the maintenance instructions! 

Hydroxyls are created when UV light, oxygen, hydrogen and a catalyst come together. The HEPA filter you received must be replaced periodically but all other filters are washable and reusable, to ensure our environmental footprint is managed well!

The Refresh has 4 filters that are accessed through the back of the product. Here are the maintenance instructions! 

Indoor air can be full of tiny particles that worsen air quality leading to a range of health issues, such as allergies, fatigue, suppressed immune health and many more. 

The "Breeze" tackles all these concerns by utilizing HydroClear Technology ™ to remove indoor air pollutants because breathing in clean air is a great way to support your health. 

Some Questions You 

Might Have

Getting Started

Are there any specific instructions I should follow while using the air purifier?

Nope, just press the ON button to turn it on, press again for power mode and again to turn it off. Simple as one touch of a button!

Can I adjust the settings of the air purifier, such as fan speed or mode?

There's no separate fan speeds, only 2 power modes. Press the ON button twice to activate power mode. 

Can the air purifier be used continuously or should it be turned off at certain times?

The Breeze can be use continuously and all night long. It will turn off by itself after running for 8 consecutive hours. 

Does the air purifier have a noise level that could disturb my sleep or relaxation?

Nope, the Breeze runs at a super quiet ~20dB, similar to a whisper. It certainly will not disturb your sleep and many of our clients have reported the noise it emits to be soothing, like a white noise machine. 

Features & Benefits

What types of filters is in the Breeze?

The Breeze has a 3 layer filtration system. There's a pre-filter, electrostatic and UV-light filter that generates hydroxyls which help clean the air and create new air simultaneously. 

What are hydroxyls?

Hydroxyls are molecules found naturally in nature. They're commonly referred to as "nature's detergent" for their pollutant neutralizing abilities. They work by binding to pollutants, then breaking them down and releasing oxygen molecules in the process – cleaning & creating new air. Fun fact: NASA uses hydroxyl technology in the International Space Station to provide astronauts with new air, super cool!

What kind of air pollutants does the purifier target and eliminate?

All sorts of pollutants. The Breeze is effective at removing 99.97% of both physical (ie. dust, pollen, smoke, particulate matter >0.1um) and chemical pollutants (ie. VOCs, formaldehyde, CO2, radon etc.) 

Can the air purifier help with allergies or respiratory conditions?

Yes, the Breeze can help reduce the presence of airborne allergens & irritants that can be triggering for respiratory conditions and allergy flare ups.

Are there any additional benefits or features of the air purifier that I should know about?

There's a ton of research on the benefits of breathing clean air for many health conditions. This is because breathing in pollutants for long periods of time causes chronic inflammation in the body. This basically makes your body feel like it's being attacked all the time launching an immune response – not great as it causes unnecessary stress on your body while weakening your immune health. That's why breathing in clean air can help alleviate and support your overall health for all your bodily systems. Benefits our clients have experienced include: better sleep, mental clarity, cognitive support, immune support, improvements in athletic performance and many more benefits. 

Can I get more information about the brand and model of the air purifier?

Got more questions?

Feel free to reach out at or call our number (519) 933-1722. We can also be found on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook! 

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