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Now Ecologicca! (formerly In The ClearZone)

two impacts

one platform

quantifying our impact on the environment 
& the built environment's impact on our health
ecologicca's Bi-Lateral Impact Reporting ™ software measures 
the impact that buildings have on the environment 
& the environment's impact on our health. 

building & human 

health reporting 

from $42/month

for businesses:

for builders:

Improve energy 

& building efficiency 

Reduce energy consumption with smart airflow & occupancy monitoring

Create a healthy environment

Reduce sick days, improve cognition & support wellbeing for happier, healthier teams & tenants

Meet & exceed regulatory compliance

Meet ASHRAE 241 & 100 requirements while achieving LEED & WELL checkpoints, affordably

Predict environmental & human health

Build the health history 
of your building to 
optimize health 
& impact

ecologicca's eccosystem™

Our comprehensive eccosystem™, leveraging our proprietary BLIR™ technology, makes health and sustainability not only possible, but affordable. 

We create your custom eccosystem™ in 3 steps.

Not only will your eccosystem™ monitor your space,
it will also improve it to optimize your health 
& your environment. 

one solution for health & compliance

the eccosystem™ 

The technology behind ecologicca's Breeze & Refresh was recently proven to significantly decrease the spread of illness & energy consumption, producing and immediate return on investment, simple regulatory compliance, and indoor spaces that promote the health of people and the environment. 

The Breeze 

Your Personal Clean Air Companion 

The Refresh 

For More Comprehensive Care 

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